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One thing that we can be certain of - filters can save you time and make you money. After all it is about quality work and retained revenue.  If you are like the majority of the places we visit you may be in the habit of pushing filters well past their useful life expectancy. There are two areas of concern.

One is, if your intake filters are over loaded you lose air flow and without 100 feet per minute of air flow you lose drying time. This can also create sagging which requires wet sanding and repainting, to say the least. Not to mention painter safety when the air flow drops below the 100 FPM, which is also a government regulation for safety.

Secondly, there is the real loss of time and money in that a dirty filter that lets dust get into the booth and hence into the paint. Every car you paint that requires compounding, buffing and labor after it is painted has just cost you money and lost production time. The average cost we find in the real world is about $60 per paint job. You have to take someone off of prepping another car to spend an average of one and half hours compounding, and buffing, and polishing, the car to present it to the owner to sign off on and get the job done. Your cost includes labor, compound, wax, and polish, buffing pads, electricity, headaches, later deliveries, plus lost time on getting the next car ready and in the booth. To coin a well used phrase "you can pay me now or pay me later."

You pay for filters whether you change them or not. Let us give you a couple of common examples. A brand new Filtrair FF560 ceiling filter for a downdraft booth runs you from $400 to $1,200 depending upon the booth. This filter is excellent and dust free for about 1000 booth running hours. How many dusty paint jobs does it take to pay for that filter? Only about 6 or 16 aforementioned clean ups and you have paid for the filter. Do not throw your money away and loss productivity time, get clean filters and bank the savings.

Servair Filters are here to serve you, save you money, and offer you their many years of industry knowledge. So call us at 905-702-1221 and speak to Brad or give Mary-Anne a call at her cell 416-801-5218 to set up a visit to save you money and guarantee the best and proper fitting filters for your spray paint booth.

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